Anchovy Oil from Cetara 100ml

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Description The Serpico Colatura di Alici, anchovy oil, is the gold of Cetara.

It is produced by our family in Cetara with the same passion of long ago following the same age old process of the Amalfi Coast. This traditional oil is a culinary art form, famous worldwide, and was used by ancient Romans as a universal condiment. Its origins have not been not lost in time as we continue to appreciate it today. It was originally produced by the expert hands of the Cistercian monks of Amalfi. Its unique flavor and patient production process have made it a symbol of the hard work of generations. The art of salting and then straining the liquid to create the intense flavor is the result of the precise aging and pressing of salted anchovies.

Serpico recommends this recipe:
Spaghetti with tomatoes, anchovies and colatura di Cetara all’Ischitana

    Ingredients for 2 portions:

    200 grams spaghetti
    300 grams fresh anchovies
    Grape tomatoes
    Colatura di Alici di Cetara
    Extra vergine olive oil

Preparation :
Boil water for spaghetti and do not salt water as both anchovies and oil are well salted. While water heats, brown garlic in a frying pan with extra vergine olive oil. The garlic will later be removed. Clean the anchovies by removing bones, then place in frying pan. Anchovies cook very quickly, as soon they feel the heat of the pan they will fall apart. At this point add the tomatoes, all sliced cut in half, and cook for another 5 minutes. Then drain the pasta, add it to the sauce, add two tablespoons of anchovy oil and finely chopped parsley. Try a glass of Ischia Biancolella with your pasta!

Buon appetito….

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