Family owned and run for over 200 years with love and passion by the Serpico family. We work hard to keep the old culture and traditions of Ischia alive and well.

Our business has experienced two fundamental evolutionary stages, the first took place in the postwar period when Grandpa Nicola, after deciding not to pursue a military career, transformed the old fashioned family store which until then was selling fruit, vegetables, oil and wine into a modern shop selling packaged products. He achieved great international success on the island given the huge increase in tourism at that time.

In 2000, the competition with large distributors made it necessary to evolve once again. Alessandro and his sister Eleonora turned the old family business into a treasure chest of memories, perfumes, savory treats and local traditions, making it a must-see for many tourists worldwide.

The new shop "Serpico prodotti tipici d’Ischia" is a collection of products from small local companies which, thanks to the volcanic soil and unique properties of our beautiful island, produce high quality active ingredients with genuine and unique flavors and aromas.

Over the years our business has been able to boast of such clients as: Aristotle Onassis, Jacqueline Kennedy, King Ludwig 1st of Bavaria, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Sir William Walton, Alberto Maravia, Pablo Neruda, Pablo Picasso, Pierpaolo Pasolini, Luchino Visconti, Charlie Chaplin, Alain Delon, W. Von Ghothe, Henrik Ibsen, Adriano Celentano, Sofia Loren and Vladimir Vasiliev, only to name a few.

Artists, intellectuals, movie and theater stars, after spending long days by the sea, came to the Forio square where our store is located to experience an oasis of culture and peace. They had a drink and made a toast to life.


We thank our father, mother, grandfather and grandmother with all our hearts for their hard work and dedication in bringing forth the family business thus giving us the the chance to follow in their footsteps.